Hot Choc Frozen Summer Berry Pud

I have my lovely Mama to thank for this super easy recipe. It's a great way of serving up summer berries at any time of year and literally just takes a minute or two to make! If you want to use fresh berries rather than frozen you can and you can swap the white chocolate for milk or even a high cocoa dark chocolate. We just left the berries out on the side whilst we ate our main dishes, but you could leave them out longer if you prefer them more defrosted.

Serves 4

A handful of mixed frozen berries for each person :: 140ml double cream ::140g white chocolate

  • Leave the berries on the side in a dish to defrost slightly whilst you eat your meal
  • When ready to serve add your cream and chocolate to a pan on a gentle heat and stir continuously until the chocolate melts
  • Place the berries into individual dishes
  • Pour over the hot chocolate sauce (or let your guests do it)

Enjoy! x

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