Elderflower Cordial

An easy way to turn those pretty, scented, frothy, white flowers into a lovely cordial. Mix it with soda water, add a splash to a gin and tonic or use it as a syrup in a jelly. Dilute it with water and pop into an ice tray and freeze into flavoured ice cubes - you can always add a flower to the centre to make them even more special. Cut the Elderflowers on a sunny day carefully and place gently into a bag. Remove and discard any leaves (but don’t worry about the stems) and when home have a sort through and remove any little bugs that may have sneaked a ride - just don’t wash them as you want to keep all the pollen!

15 Elderflower Heads :: 500g caster sugar :: 4 tablespoons of local honey :: 2 lemons :: 1 litre of water

  • Grate the rind from the lemons, squeeze the juice from one and slice the other then set aside
  • place the sugar, honey and water into a pan
  • Heat gently and stir until the sugar melts
  • Gently bring to the boil
  • Remove from the heat and add the lemon juice, rind and lemon slices
  • Add the Elderflower heads to the pan, cover and leave to steep over night
  • The next day strain through a muslin or cheese cloth into a clean bowl
  • Sterilise some bottles in the oven (170 deg C for 20 minutes) and boil the caps take them out and let them cool slightly
  • Gently heat the syrup again
  • Pour the hot syrup into the hot bottles and seal

Enjoy! X

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