Comfrey Ointment

A useful and easy ointment to make at home using comfrey when you chop it down in summer for your plant feed liquid. Called the 'bone knitter' comfrey has long been used for helping with inflammation, sprains, back pain, arthritis and other joint pains. It also contains tannins and can help to stimulate blood supply so can help with healing the skin and with skin conditions like eczema.

Yield approx. 400ml, shelf life 1 year, for external use only, a patch test is recommended prior to use on a larger area

400ml vegetable oil (I use olive oil) :: a large handful of fresh comfrey leaves & flowers (I leave these overnight so they wilt and dry slightly) :: 40g BP Grade beeswax (pellets of grated)

  • Chop the wilted leaves roughly with scissors
  • Gently heat the oil and chopped comfrey leaves in a loosely lidded pot over a bain marie for an hour or two. Make sure the oil doesn’t overheat or burn and make sure you keep an eye on the water and top up if needed
  • Leave to cool slightly and strain (I use a dishcloth to strain through so I don't get oil on my cooking/jam making straining bags)
  • Place strained, infused oil back over the bain marie and add the beeswax
  • Gently heat until the beeswax melts
  • Once the beeswax has melted pour into jars and leave unlidded until it's cooled
  • Apply twice a day to affected areas

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