Firewood & Logs

Over 30 years experience as a tree surgeon and landscaper has helped to develop a knowledge of the different woods and their uses. Our aim is to provide good quality, barn dried hardwood logs at a reasonable price. Our logs are supplied cut to a size suitable for log burners, open fires and cooking ranges. Please let us know if you have specific size requirements and we will do our best to accomodate your needs. We recommend a dry and airy storage area for your logs in order to maximise the heating efficiency of your appliances. We locally source mainly hardwood when it is available and sometimes softwood. Please contact us for availability. We can also provide bags of kindling or net bags of logs if required.

We sell our wood by using a cubic meter stacking frame. Our wood lengths go into this frame at 65cm long and we stack as much wood neatly into this cubic meter as we can prior to cutting to your required length. Please be aware we are not selling a loose cubic meter or a dumpy bag.

We have stock of Oak, Birch, Ash and Beech mix available for 2018 deliveries.

Our current 2018 prices are: Hardwood £90 per load (1 stacked cubic meter) :: Kindling £3 per bag

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Please note:

Delivery is to the Lampeter, Aberaeron, Abersytwyth area. The minimum load is approximately 1 cubic meter or 15 bags of bagged logs, if you would like more than this please contact us. Loads will be tipped at a convenient place for you to stack yourselves, please note we need reasonable vehicular access to the delivery point. Payment can be made by cash on delivery or bank transfer (sorry we do not accept cheques!).