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We left the busy South East of England and took on the challenge of this 3 acre smallholding in the Wild West of Wales in January 2016. We had been looking for a while for a place to give us space to try out our ideas and the land to give us the opportunity to pool our skills, knowledge and backgrounds and to try to create a life for our family that embraced the essence of nature, farming and self-sufficiency.

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Pheasant & Chilli bites with Chipotle Mayonaise

A nice way to use (relatively cheap) pheasent.....so many people get stuck the pheasent and what to do with it...you are not just limited to pan frying some breasts! You can mak…

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Simple Radish Salad

Just a simple salad using those wonderful first crops that spring up in your veggie patch, or take advantage of the lower seasonal prices in your super market or greengrocer. Yo…

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Elderflower Cordial

An easy way to turn those pretty, scented, frothy, white flowers into a lovely cordial. Mix it with soda water, add a splash to a gin and tonic or use it as a syrup in a jelly. …

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Marmalade Glazed Ham

It speaks for it's self....a simple dish to turn gammon into a lovely sticky glazed ham perfect to serve with friends and family. Serve hot with new potatoes and a green salad o…

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Coloured Meringue Kisses

Super easy pretty little meringue kisses...perfect for gifts, popping on top of ice cream or creating a colourful Eaton Mess. I would recommend only making one batch at a time a…

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Greek Courgette & Feta Pie

This is a recipe by Sarah Raven and one of my staple recipes once courgette season gets in full swing! A great way to use up A LOT of courgettes and it's like by all of the fami…

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Blackcurrant Cupcakes

A lovely way for the children to bake with some freshly picked blackcurrants. You use the blackcurrant juice to colour the icing pink and give it a lovely flavour!

For 12 …

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Blackcurrant Cordial

The perfect way to capture these little berries. The children will enjoy it as squash diluted with water or made into ice lollies and for the adults it's perfect with soda water…

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Patty Pan, Lemon and Poppyseed Cake

I love these first squashes of summer (to be fair you could replace the patty pan with courgette or another summer squash)...they herald the squash season that continues well in…

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Canned Pasta Sauce

Water Bath Canning as a method of preserving isn't something you hear of very often in the UK, we seem to favour good old pickling or freezing. I came across canning a year or s…

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Comfrey Ointment

A useful and easy ointment to make at home using comfrey when you chop it down in summer for your plant feed liquid. Called the 'bone knitter' comfrey has long been used for hel…

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Hot Choc Frozen Summer Berry Pud

I have my lovely Mama to thank for this super easy recipe. It's a great way of serving up summer berries at any time of year and literally just takes a minute or two to make! If…

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Rhubarb Gin

I was asked to make some Rhubarb Gin for some friends and, with the abundance of rhubarb I have here it seemed like a good idea! The rhubarb turns the gin a pretty pink colour a…

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